6-Step Guide on How To Connect Airpods to Chromebook (2021)

Simple and easy steps on how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook.

Chromebook is a very interesting device to use, what makes it even more thrilling is when you connect your wireless headphones with it.

Some people have this misconception about their Apple Airpods, that they can only sync with Apple devices. But, you can actually connect them with other electronic devices such as Chromebook and some other devices..

There are chances that you might struggle with this, and with the correct procedure to follow. So, we are here to help you.

If you’ve just got your new Chromebook, and looking for how to connect your airpods to Chromebook, then you’re at the right place and at the right time.

Although, the pairing process of chromebook and airpods is quite simple.

In this article, we are going to tell you the exact process of connecting and disconnecting your airpods to your chromebook regardless of the model of your Airpods and the brand of the Chromebook.

Let’s begin with it!

The process to Connect Airpods to Chromebook-

We recommend you to follow the exact process to avoid making any mistakes and successfully sync your Airpods with your Chromebook (or any other device) and enjoy!

Point to Take Care of-

Before connecting your Apple Airpods to your Chromebook, make sure that you do not have any playing music or video on your Apple device.

It can interrupt you while you’re pairing them with your Chromebook (or any other device).

Here you go with the process…

Step 1

The very first step in the process of how to connect Airpods to Chromebook Switch on your Chromebook. Click on the menu option presented at the bottom right corner of the Chromebook screen, right next to the icon of your battery percentage and the clock.

The entire menu will open up this way, where you’ll find various options, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Settings and more.

Turn “On” the Bluetooth of Your Chromebook

Step 2

Click on the Bluetooth icon to switch it “On” if it’s not yet. Now, tap on the inverted arrow presented right below the Bluetooth icon.

Step 3

After the Bluetooth is turned “On”, your Chromebook will automatically start searching for nearby devices that are available to pair up.

In order to pair your chromebook with your airpods, you need to put your Airpods in pairing mode, so that they appear in the Bluetooth available devices list of the Chromebook for the pairing for both.

Put Your Airpods in the Pairing Mode to Pair with your Chromebook

Step 4

To do so, first put them back into their charging case. Now, press the small pair button presented at the back of your Airpods charging case and hold it for a while.

Keep the lid open, and you’ll observe that the LED light presented there is turned into white light indicating that your airpods are in pairing mode and you can pair them up with any nearby device.

Step 5

Now, all you have to do is hold the AirPods near your Chromebook. As soon as you bring them closer to your Chromebook, you’ll notice that they are available for pairing in the Bluetooth devices section.

Note: Maintain a distance of 20 feet between the Airpods and the Chromebook for the better experience. Huge distance can disturb the Bluetooth connectivity resulting in disconnection of both.

Finally Pair Up Both the Devices

Step 6

This is the last step of the process of how to connect AirPods to Chromebooks. Click on the available option of the Airpods in the Bluetooth available devices list and grant all the prompts that appear on your Chromebook device.

After you’re done with the previous step, you’ll notice the blinking LED light of the Airpods charging case turns into green light and your Chromebook shows the status of connection between both.


Your Chromebook and Airpods have been successfully paired up and you can use your AirPods with your Chromebook.

To adjust the volume of the Airpods, use the volume buttons provided in the keyboard of the Chromebook.

So, next time whenever you get this question in your mind of how to connect Airpods to Chromebook. Follow the exact process as mentioned above.

Now, you’ll discover the correct process of how you can Disconnect your Airpods from your Chromebook.

How To Disconnect Your Airpods From Your Chromebook

After you’re done with your work, it’s very essential to Disconnect your Airpods from your Chromebook or any other device, with which it was paired with.

This process is also fine and simple, all you have to do is just Turn “Off” the Bluetooth connection of your Chromebook first.

Or you can just press the little Pair button presented at the back of your Airpods charging case, and hold it for a while, this way your Airpods will be disconnected from your Chromebook. And you can store both of the devices at their places.

Final Words

In this article, we provide you a 6 easy step guide on how to connect AirPods to Chromebook. We hope that this information is useful to you.

As we all know Airpods is necessary in our day-to-day life but some of the people don’t know how to use and connect with Chromebook, so that in this blog we try to help you.

If anyone have any query please mention them in the comment box and keep visiting TechWeeks for new technology updates.