7 Best Anti-Ransomware tool for Windows in 2021

Best Anti-Ransomware tool for Windows in 2021

Best Free anti-ransomware tool for window

As we all are using computers and Laptops. We all familiar with terms like malware, viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, etc.

All of these terms are security threats that harm and damage your system and crypt your data.

Ransomware is one of the security threats which is most dangerous for your system because it restricts the users from reinstalling the operating system.

In this article, we suggest you the 7 Best free Anti-Ransomware tool for windows. But before we know about the names of tools, we have to know what is Ransomware and how it defects our system.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the malicious software that infects your computer and damages your system.

It displays a message for demanding a fee to be paid for your system to work again.

Ransomware is the most dangerous malicious software because it has the ability to lock your computer screen or encrypt your important files with a password.

Ransomware is basically spread through phishing emails that contains malicious attachment.

Or whenever you visit any infected website then malware is downloaded and installed without user’s knowledge.

7 Best Anti-Ransomware decryption tool for windows in 2021

Here are the 7 Best Anti-Ransomware decryption tool for windows

(1) Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool

Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool is a tool designed to decrypt the lock screen.

Basically, Ransomware are of two types, one that locks the screen and limit the users to access the system and other one is crypto, which encrypt the files and restricts the user to use this file.

So the Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool helps to decrypt the lock screen and allow users to access the system.

(2) Avast Anti-Ransomware Tool

Avast Anti-Ransomware tool is one of the best anti-ransomware tools, as like another ransomware tool it also decrypts the encrypted file

but one thing makes it more useful is that it comes with an active virus scanner which scans your system and works quickly and immediately against malware and ransomware attack.

It also backup your encrypted files, so whenever you want you can restart the process later if something goes wrong.

(3) Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool is the best Anti-Ransomware tool for the system. It is an effective anti-ransomware tool for window operating systems.

Kaspersky Rakhni Decryptor can decrypt the encrypted files by latest Ransomware like Rakhni, Aura, Autoit, Plextor, Rotor, Chimera, Lamer and many more.

Overall, it is best software because it fights against latest ransomware.

(4) BitDefender Anti-Ransomware

BitDefender is software that acts as a protective shield for your computer, it is not a decryptor.

It is like other Anti-Ransomware but one thing that makes it more useful is that it protects your system against CBT – locker, Petya, Locky, and TeslaCrypt ransomware.

T tool refers to stop the ransomware attack before files are encrypted.

(5) AVG Antivirus

AVG Anti-Ransomware is an effective tool that helps in decrypting the encrypted files by Ransomware.

 It is totally free of cost tool, there is no need to pay any charge for it.

But it fights against a limited number of ransomware, it only decrypts the encrypted file by BadBlock, Apocalypse, Bart, SZFLocker, Crypt888, Legion, TeslaCrypt Ransomware.

(6) Quickheal Ransomware Decryption tool

Quickheal Anti-Ransomware tool is famous by its name. This Anti-Ransomware tool is a reliable and trusted tool for decrypting encrypted files.

This tool is also working on Windows 10. It also helps in decrypting the encrypted files by major ransomware like Troldesh, Ninja Ransomware, ODC, Cryptxxx, LeChiffre, etc.

Overall, it is the best and reliable tool for ransomware attack.

(7) 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool

360 Ransomware Decryption Tool is also a good and reliable tool for Ransomware attack.

It has the ability to calculate the decryption key, Users just need to enter the decryption key on the Ransom note to unlock their PC.

Overall, it is good Anti-Ransomware tool, it helps to decrypt the encrypted file by ransomware attack.


In today’s life, we all are using laptops and computers and it is common to face the problem of viruses and malware. 

Ransomware is a type of viruses which attack on your system and restrict the user to use their system until they paid the charge.

There are two types of Ransomware one that block your system to use and the other one encrypted your files, it showed to pay charge for using system.

In the above article, we give you the name of 7 Best free Anti-Ransomware tool which detect the ransomware and helps to remove it.

We hope that you like this blog and if any query please mention in comment box.