How to View Steam Purchase History

Steps to view steam purchase history

Steam is a app which use to download different gaming apps etc. people spend a lots of money on it for purchasing but they forget sometimes the amount they spent.

In this article we have explained the most important phase of “Steam purchase history”. We have mentioned the steps on “How to check your steam purchase history”.

We give you the detailed steps to check the history of steam purchases.

Steam Purchase History

The word itself makes you more cautious and takes you to reach out the keyword “Purchase History”.

The Steam purchases history shows you what you have bought in your wallet from steam, it not only shows your last purchases you done but also shows you the balance left over after purchasing the games, its work as the wallet we use to make payments to vendors, shop keeper, etc.

It shows you what you have purchased when you did the payment, and what contents you have purchased.

Steps to View Steam Purchase History

Few steps to check your purchase history on steam

Step 1. Open your steam purchase application on your PC or Mobile.

Step 2. Click on the drop-down menu at the just slightly right-hand side of your screen “Here you need to click on the drop-down arrow”.

Step 3. Select the option of “Account Details”, from the drop-down you selected at the right.

Step 4. Now here you are at your “Steam Account History”.

Step 5. Now at this screen look at the right side corner of the page of account history, click on the “View Purchase History”.

Step 6. Now after clicking on the “View Purchase History “, you are having details of your purchase history.

Step 7. The purchase history contains the columns viz





*Wallet Change Balance

Final Words

In the above blog, we provide you the detailed steps on how to view steam purchases history. As we all know in previous blog that what is Steam app, how it install, what are merits and demerits.

So this blog shows you how you see you amount spent on it .

We hope that we help to solve your problem by this blog, If any query please mention in comment box.

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