LongTail Pro Review: Is it really the best Long Tail Keyword Finder?

Do you love doing niche blogging? or Need a Long Tail keyword finder tool that can help you? If yes, then this LongTail Pro Review is for you. Therefore, whenever we talk about Longtail pro, it acts as an automated system that delivers its users profitable keywords for their particular niche.

If I talk about my experience with Longtail pro, I must say it is awesome. I have been using it for a long time to get valuable niche keywords. So after getting a lot of positive things from the longtail pro, I have decided to write a longtail pro review that will help others understand this tool better and use it to get profitable niche keywords and make money while doing niche blogging and websites.

Many of us have experienced that after working hard on micro-niche blogs, we failed to get profitable keywords that have less competition. But on the other, Longtail micro niche keywords are simple to rank and make good money for you. Let’s move forward to more about it in this comprehensive LongTail Pro Review.

LongTail Pro Review: Introduction

LongTailPro is the most reliable tool for getting long tail keywords, which benefits you in getting a higher rank on google. You can simply obtain niche keywords for nearly all niches just by using the long tail pro keyword research tool. It has an in-built keyword competitiveness analysis tool that shows you the competition for a particular keyword.

Its interface is very smooth to use, and you don’t need to be a pro or geek in SEO; anyone can comfortably use it. Read this longtail review further to get more information about LTP in detail.

Is it a money makingTool?

Yes, it is a money making tool.It has already changed a lot of people’s lives. People have earned big $$$$s by utilizing LTP for keyword research.

LongTail Pro Review: Features

It was launched in 2011, and today, it is a choice of more than 70,000 search engine optimizers. Here are some wonderful Longtail pro features, which make it strong and one of the most feature-rich long tail keyword finder tools.

 Features of Long Tail Pro:

  1. Run different keyword research campaigns individually with organized campaigns management.
  2. Keep your favorite keywords that you desire to use later.
  3. Get keyword suggestions based on your primary keyword.
  4. Boost AdSense revenue with long tail high CPC keywords.
  5. You can easily import and Export Keywords.
  6. See domain name ideas based on your keywords.
  7. Review and track your keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why Use LongTailPro?

Many people have used keyword planner, which provides the same keywords to everyone. Also, the keyword planner is restricted for use to those who are doing advertisements with AdWords. Those who utilize Keyword Planner have to contend with those bloggers who have discovered the same keywords as their keyword planner. LongTailPro’s keywords are simple to rank and are a premium tool; not 1000s of people know about your keywords.

Pros of LongTailPro:

  • Identifiable Limitless Keywords Opportunities.
  • Niche availability and endurance predictions.
  • Useful niche research.
  • Targeted campaigns to boost traffic and earnings.
  • Multiple keyword research at once.
  • Domain name suggestions based on a keyword.
  • Related keywords suggestion to your seed keyword.
  • Analyze and track rankings on Google, Yahoo and.bing

How to Use LongTailPro?

The primary thing you need to do is to create a campaign. You can create a campaign by following the steps given here:

LongTailPro: How to Create a Campaign?

Give a name to your campaign, select language, country and then search network, once you have chosen all the desired options click on create a campaign. Make sure that you select a country for your keywords carefully. After designing a campaign, it is very simple to manage and use LongTailPro.

Now, after building a campaign, You have to insert a Seed Keyword. A seed keyword is the chief parent niche keyword. It assists you in getting micro niche keywords. You can fix minimum searches and minimum CPC for the keywords you are looking for. Also, you can fix the length of keywords you want to produce.

LongTail Pro Review: Keyword Research

You will see many sorting options by CPC and Searches. It is recommended to keep eliminating the keywords from the list which are not of value to you; this will keep your list arranged and clean. If you desire to check the keyword competition of any keyword, you can do that by clicking on the keyword’s calculate button on the rightmost side. It shows you keywords with less competition so that you can quickly rank for it.

LongTail Pro review: Rank Checker

Throughout our LongTail Pro review, we discovered that the rank checker feature is only available in LongTailPro software; it is not accessible in LTP Cloud. Most users are applying LongTailPro as a keyword research tool, but their rank checker also performs a great job.

You can monitor keyword rankings for any domain on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There is no restriction on the number of keywords you desire to track. So, you can use it smoothly.

LongTailPro Keyword Competitiveness Score Meaning

Well, we have discussed the KC score. Now let’s discuss what this score means. Each score shows the competition level, and therefore, you are required to choose a keyword for your niche website. Here is what each score says:

  1. Score 0-10 Means No Competition.
  2. 10-20 Means Very Low Competition.
  3. 20-30 Means Low Competition.
  4. 30-40 Means Moderate Competition.
  5. 40-50 Means Slightly High Competition.
  6. 50-60 Means High Competition.
  7. 60-70 Means Very High Competition.
  8. 70 Above, Don’t waste your time.

So, now you can simply choose easy to rank keywords from LongTailPro.

Conclusion of LongTail Pro Review

It is a perfect software for bloggers and webmasters and particularly for those who are into niche blogging. You can earn a good amount of money out of it. It allows you to find the best long-tail keywords. Also, this is the most useful longtail keyword finder tool. If you want to advantage of SEO to rank your site then learn effective SEO strategies.