Ninja Outreach Review – Is It The Best Tool To Reach Influencers?

Ninja Outreach Review: Introduction

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing outreach software that combines small businesses and digital marketers with the right bloggers and social media influencers. These influencers and promoters help them expand their brands and improve their online presence more organically. Earlier, influencer outreach would be quite an uphill task that requires various software types to search for, sort through, and connect with influencers. Ninja Outreach has everything that you require to connect with influencers, all in one place. In this post, we will comprehensively learn about Ninja Outreach Review. 

Why should you use Ninja Outreach?

You should pick ninja outreach over multiple software for

  • Link building 
  • Product promotion
  • Sponsored post outreach
  • Business Marketing Branding & PR
  • Guest posting (guest post outreach)
  •  Resource page link building
  • Content marketing promotion 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Expert roundups 
  • Podcast or interview outreach 

It is easy to use the tool. All you have to do is enter your keyword in the search bar; once you do that, you can simply search influencers by industry, geographic location, and much more.  

Your search results display the prospect’s name, contact information, SEO metrics, description, and engagement data, so you can sort through and pick the influencers that will suit you the best. 

You can then keep all of your prospects as a list, which can be given to your team members to work on, send to clients, or even export and save.  

Once you have your list, you can easily maintain your relationship with your prospects by combining notes, tags, and relationship stages. When you are all set to reach out, you can load your list and send emails automatically with personalized email templates that you have designed for your brand. 

You can trace email opens, clicks, and replies so that you can stay on top of everything.

Ninja Outreach Review: Pros and Cons

Ninja Outreach Review: Pros

  • It saves your time by automating your influencer outreach 
  • You get highly targeted results when you search for suitable influencers to work with
  • Handy knowledge base area to support you to get to grips with how to apply Ninja Outreach for your interest 
  • It enables you to work on different link building strategies at once to expand your business as soon as possible 
  • They provide a 7-day risk-free trial to try out all of the features before determining whether it is the appropriate tool for you 
  • It’s a cost-effective tool that saves your time, especially for agencies  
  • You can reach your prospects with automatically ”personalized” emails utilizing custom fields.

Ninja Outreach Review: Cons

  • You have to integrate your email account, as Ninja Outreach does not comprise email software. It also implies there will be an extra cost if you choose to open up a new account with a new email provider 
  • It does not cover all social media platforms, just Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Although there is a free trial, seven days isn’t very long and might not be sufficient time to try everything out properly – A 14-day free trial would be ideal. 

Ninja Outreach Pricing Plans

Ninja Outreach offers two core plans, and its price ranges by how many emails you want to send monthly and how many users you require.

The plans are known as ”FLEX” and ”PRO”. The FLEX plan covers 1000 contacts, one seat, one email, and extensive searches and export data. In this plan, you have complete access to their database of 19,500,000 business emails, 60,000,000 Instagram influencers, and 6,000,000 bloggers. It costs just $49 per month (billed yearly) and is fit for business owners and webmasters looking to do their influencer outreach. 

The PRO plan is pretty similar, but you have 4000 contacts, three seats, and four emails, so it’s a great plan for huge businesses with a marketing team or small agencies marketing companies looking to do influencer outreach on behalf of their clients. This plan costs $149 per month (billed yearly). 

Ninja Outreach Review: Key Features

How to Get Instagram Influencers with Ninja Outreach 

You can locate Instagram influencers for your campaign with a few clicks. You can get started by choosing the industry or niche that you need to work with. There are 82 categories to pick from to be sure that you will find the best fit.

After picking the category, you can also choose the country, region, and even the City. 

You can observe how engaged the influencer’s audience is through their engagement rating, presented as a percentage and color-coded for good/bad. You can also view the total average number of likes and replies per post. Another helpful thing is that you can view how much the influencer charges per post to target people. Once you have got the Instagram influencers you desire to work with, you can add them to your leads list, and all their details will be loaded in for you automatically and save your hours of manual research.

You can use the saved list instantly or saved for future outreach, and you can export all of your leads to a CSV file, so you will always have a backup whenever you require.

Business Lead Generation 

If you want to expand your business, it’s a great tool to get you more leads, improve your business market, and get more sales. Ninja Outreach has a massive business leads database that incorporates more than a million profiles you can search by simply putting your business niche and target area. 

You can quickly identify leads with the most extensive audiences and greater social reach by defining the ideal amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. You can also get businesses with the highest engagement rates by specifying the number of likes, comments, or shares for each social media platform. 

If you need more precise information, you can search for particular key phrases or request the search bar lots display URLs, including your keyword or key phrase. 

In the same way, if you need your leads’ email addresses, you can import a list of the URLs you need to check, and Ninja Outreach will crawl the URLs for contact information and emails for people in the business. You can also search for precise opportunities such as giveaways, guest posts, interviews, product reviews, sponsored posts, and resource pages. 

Contact Relationship Management 

Ninja Outreach’s inbuilt CRM enables you to track all communications with every lead to see how your relationships are growing. It is a really valuable tool when you are working with hundreds or even thousands of contacts, as you can keep track of everyone you are working with and know who you have to follow up with and when.  

The CRM itself is really simple to use, and it works smoothly with all of the other features; you can attach tags to contacts, which will assist you in sorting and filter them later. You can also add the most recent relationship status with them, such as if they have published a post, so you understand exactly where you are in your campaigns. 

Influencer Marketing Agency Software 

For large-scale influencer marketing, Ninja Outreach provides an all-in-one marketing agency solution. It gives you unlimited searches to work on larger campaigns and unlimited email scheduling, unlimited users, more data storage, and a higher export quota. Employing Ninja Outreach saves a lot of time and money, as you can see and contact the right journalists, bloggers, and influencers in just a few clicks. You can even filter all requirements you want, such as Domain Authority, followers, shares, and any other metrics you need, so now you have a list of ideal prospects for your campaign. With Ninja Outreach’s 25 million contacts, you can never be out of leads.  

Ninja Outreach automates major tedious tasks when it comes to outreach. You do not require more emails manually, and there is no need to load in contact forms, as you can auto-fill everything with a click or two. Although you will be sharing mass emails, email customers will get a unique email, as you can design custom fields for their name, website, or any other details you would like to add to give the email a personal feel.  

Another excellent feature of the agency solution is that it works on multiple projects without losing track of everything. You can arrange your leads either by the client or by project, and you can also sort leads by other metrics such as SEO and social. Each lead interaction can be tracked utilizing relationship status labels, and you will obtain notifications about how well your campaigns are doing 24/7. 

You can even add no team members, which is ideal for agencies who are expanding. You can assign as many team members to every project as you need, and to make things run easily, you can give notes for your team so they know who to follow up with, when, and why. 

Link Building Software Platform

Ninja Outreach allows you to automate your link building efforts that will save you time. There is a multiple outreach strategy you can use for link building with Ninja Outreach, involving: 

  • Link roundups
  • Infographic link building
  • Resource page link building
  • Competitor link building 
  • Broken link building 
  • Guest post link building  
  •  The podcast and interview link building
  • Expert roundups 

To get link building leads, you can explore the database by industry/niches and location, which will provide you access to thousands of great authority link building leads for you to contact.

You can also classify your leads by their SEO metrics and domain authority so that you can reach the ones with the highest authority first. To automate your link building outreach process, you can give unlimited email outreach campaigns to your prospects, with up to two automated follow-up emails.

The people you email won’t realize you are sending bulk emails because you are creating custom fields that automatically populate with their personalized information, such as their first name and website URL. 

You can save and trace any interactions with your leads, and you can add tags and notes using the inbuilt CRM. 

Ninja Outreach Review: Conclusion

Automation is the marketing future. You can tap the future of marketing by applying such advanced marketing tools. Ninja outreach is one of those tools that support you to succeed on the internet. Read our another post on SEO strategies to master SEO like a pro.